Just as the sawtooth edge of a cottonwood leaf or a line of poetry inspires me to paint, so do acts of human kindness, the sharp sorrow of suffering and the universal nature of our collected stories. 

I am a naturalist and an artist. For me, the two go together like the moon and the tides. I find a sense of belonging in the natural world, where I recognize familiar plants and animals and am curious to learn about new ones. I look things up. I study the details. It thrills me to recognize the call of a red-tailed hawk; to identify alpine avens from afar by its fall coloring of russet red, high on the tundra; to taste salt on the leaves of the black mangrove tree and be reminded of its remarkable adaptations to growing in saline water. This kinship and reverence for both nature and humanity guide my art. They are manifest in each brush stroke or scribble.

My paintings are my ideas, my prayers, my awe and wonder. They tell my story. How do you share yours?